“Dare” Brand movie

As strategics changes occurred within the Decathlon Group, and as Michel Aballea, the new director arrived, Decathlon wanted to explain these changes to their employees. For this reason, we created a video distributed in intern.


“Together, let’s dare!”

In order to explain the strategic changes of the company, we wrote a brandmovie highlighting a new way of thinking what liberating and free spirited is.

The message invites employees to dare in their daily working life: dare to be creative, dare to reinvent, dare to be yourself and challenge everything, dare to overcome your fears…

Actually, the message is simple: together, let’s dare!


  • Brand Movie

    We conceived and produced a brand movie illustrating the strong message 'Dare'. We illustrated the speech thanks to images we shot for passion brands of Decathlon. The film was shown during the brand's annual meeting and was shared by every single person in the company.