Tape à l'Oeil

Original Kids n°10

Tape à l’oeil, the brand that reveals and boost kids' talents.


TAO’s mission is simple : “We believe that tomorrow’s world power is based on kid’s talent which emerges through the eyes of adult.”

Sirine was our perfect ‘nostalgia’ talent with her vintage skates.


« When I’m skating, it’s as if I’m in a bubble and all I’m doing is skating, as if there’s nobody else around me. »

Since she was four years old, Sirine has been passionate about artistic roller skating.

Thanks to her training, discipline and courage, she’s made very rapid progress in this very little known sport, a sport requiring not only physical ability but also both technical and artistic skills.

She’s a competitor, a fighter even… and extremely well coached! Her relationship with her coach of the past three years, Perrine, has really touched and charmed us. Though it took a little time for them to find their feet and get used to each other, you can now sense a genuine bond between the two and a desire to perform at a high standard.

« It can sometimes be difficult to find the right balance in terms of preventing her from becoming frustrated whilst at the same time not cramping her style. I’m very proud to be her coach. She’s a fantastic skater and has the potential to go very far indeed. »

Sirine is ambitious and hopes to become champion of France, or indeed the world! And that’s exactly what we hope to see her achieve!

« I’ll definitely still be involved in skating later on. I’d like to do what Perrine does. That way I’d be able to continue skating. »