Tape à l'Oeil

Original kids n°5

"I want to dance until I'm 1000 years old"


TAO’s mission is simple : “We believe that tomorrow’s world power is based on kid’s talent which emerges through the eyes of adult.”

Madhy astonished us with his energy and pure raw talent.

We were also so happy to learn that he got some dancing and modelling contracts once the project was broadcast.


« My name is Mahdy, I’m seven years old, and I’ve been dancing since I was two. »

Mahdy is a born dancer. Since he was tiny, he has had rhythm in his heart and in his soul. He has developed his personality through dance and music, expressing his incredible sense of the artistic, with dance serving as a way for him to express his emotions in the form of movements.

“Knowing how to move is an art in itself. Dancing is a way to show your emotions via body movements. In a way, you get away from it all when you move, releasing tension and pain from the body. What I would like most is to be able to inspire others, so that they try new things as well.”

“I think that anyone can do it; you just have to want it enough.”




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