Tape à l'Oeil

Original Kids n°8

Tape à l’oeil, the brand that reveals and boost kids' talents.


TAO’s mission is simple : “We believe that tomorrow’s world power is based on kid’s talent which emerges through the eyes of adult.”

Arthur is the epitome of talent : self-taught, already a little man going around Europe for competitions.



For Arthur, it all started on a skatepark at the age of seven. Today, he can no longer imagine his life without a scooter. He very quickly developed his talent for the freestyle scooter as he accompanied his big sister, Clémence, to the skatepark at Aix en Provence. First, by imitating his sister’s friends, then by learning moves and tricks, and all with no teacher or lessons. Arthur found himself in the most popular French competitions from the age of eight. Because when you’re riding, it is in the skatepark with older riders that the competitions are taking place!


“When I ride, nothing scares me”.